Internationale Workshop 2020

5 Rhythms® workshop with Jan Redsted & Annette Uhlmann Denemarken

Annette Uhlemann & Jan Redsted has been a couple for 30 years and both completed 5Rhythms®Teacher Training with Gabrielle Roth in USA in 2005. The 5Rhythms has not only been their personal path, but also their professional life for the last 15 years. Annette is a trained Heartbeat teacher and worked many years in research, hospitals and rehabilitationprograms. Jan assisted Jonathan Horan at Mirrors & Naked Soul since 2016. They’ve both assisted on the 5R teacher training and are board members of the 5Rhythms® Reach Out (5RRO).                   






This waves workshop aims to explore the wonders and challenges of being true to self in relationship. Grounded in the waves off the 5Rhythms® calls to the dance of relationship to oneself, a partner and a group. A moving meditation while witnessing oneself with attention and awareness.

To stay grounded, rooted, centered and true to ourselves while meeting partner, friend, child, parents and colleagues… Inviting Commitment, soul and devotion to have the courage to hold on, be- and move together. Awakening the body and being true to own energy in natural fluidity in FLOWING. In the territory of STACCATO we examine connecting us to others by daring to see and be seen, feeling boundaries and drawing lines – to love and be loved. Staccato is relating and expressing oneself by being focused, direct, clear and heartfelt. Dancing CHAOS breaks us free, throws us into the beat. It liberates from all ideas about who we are and gives a real experience of being total, intuitive and creative. Completing by surrendering to creativity and spontaneous unity in LYRICAL and give space for aliveness and the vibrant feeling of life it self in STILLNESS, remembering the support in long line of ancient roots.

Brugge 13 – 15 March 2020
Open Evening Wave (incl. in workshop) 19:30 – 22:00 – Friday 13 March
Workshop 14 – 15 March
Saturday 11:00 – 18:00
Sunday 11:00 – 17:30

Venue: Barrièrestraat 15/17
(Onze Lieve Vrouwe, Inrit 2)
8200 Brugge, Belgium

Open wave alone: 25€€
Early bird: 180€€
Full Price: 220€€
Early bird ends 28 February

Prerequisites: Beginners are welcome but are recommended to have at least 9 hours of instructed 5Rhythms® study with a 5RTA accredited teacher. The workshop count as Waves Hours for the Gabrielle Roth Teacher’s Training.

Booking & info: Katrien Mazijn