‘Cycles’ workshop met Peter Fodera 14-18/08

The workshop ‘Cycles’ is fully booked but mark the open evening of Tuesday 13th August with Peter Fodera from 7 pm – 9.30 pm. Welcome! registration@5ritmesbrugge.be

Artwork by P. Fodera


Cycles is an up close and personal look at our own lives, our birth, our upcoming death and everything and everyone between. We make connections, reweave threads, let go of the hurt and humiliations. We get real. We honor the people and events that have shaped who we are and the challenges and gifts they left us with and reinvent our inherited self into somebody we truly want to be.

More info: scroll down and download the flyer.

PREREQUISITES: Waves, Heartbeat

Peter Fodera from New York

My passion as an artist, art educator and conservator, combined with my experience in embodiment and my eclectic love of music continue to enrich my practice of the 5 Rhythms movement meditation. My teaching is clear, compassionate and a celebration of life. It is both a blessing and honor to be teaching this work.