“High Vibration Wave” 11 augustus 2023!

Welkom op de “High Vibration Wave” van 11 augustus 2023met Jonathan Horan, zoon van Gabrielle Roth. Graag op voorhand inschrijven via: inschrijven@dansjegvoel.be
Deze open wave is voor iedereen, ook wanneer je nog nooit de 5 ritmes hebt gedanst, een unieke kans!
Uur: 19u – 21u30
Prijs: 40€ of 35€ indien er een tweede persoon meekomt betaal je allebei 35€
Plaats: OLV Ziekenhuis Barrièrestraat, OLV Inrit 2
Jonathan Horan:
“In this class we dance hard, we dance bold, we dance deep. Jonathan takes us to the place where the soul of hip hop, the catharsis of rock and roll, the trance of techno and the heart of house collide into the world beat. And in this beat, we get together to reinvent ourselves, to discard last week’s fears and move into this week’s dreams. This is our practice.
It doesn’t matter where we come from or how we grew up or whether we can or can’t dance. Movement is medicine, and whether we feel clumsy or graceful, it heals us. Real learning happens when we show up and move because the body can’t lie. It lets us know right away if we’re feeling closed or open, fixed or fluid, tight or loose, off or on.
It’s so easy to lose our balance, to become lopsided, to be too in our heads, too emotional, too easy-going, too controlled. We carry so many things, and not just in our backpacks. What do we do with all this repressed stuff, the headtrips that are holding us back, holding us down, and turning us into something we’re not? We dance. We dance with whatever’s going on inside of us and connect with others who are doing the same.”
Friday 11th (open evening class)
Price: 40€
Venue: OLV ziekenhuis, Barrièrestraat 15/17, Inrit 2, 8200 Bruges, Belgium
Contact / Booking: registration@5ritmesbrugge.be
of inschrijven@dansjegevoel.be